Marlborough Running Club Life Members and Hall of Fame

Life Members 

Tim Gravina - President

Tim has been running in the Marlborough Area since 1955, and a member of the club since 1989
He is a road runner, fell runner. trail runner.
He is a member of the Bob Graham 24 Hour Club 
Has run numerous road and trail marathons, and off-road ultras up to 86 miles.  
He is the Founder of the Marlborough Downs Challenge


Nick Jackson - Founder member
Colin Dow - Founder member

Nick and Colin, along with Steve Hart, founded the club in 1988.  Both are veterans of numerous on- and off-road races, including many marathons and ultras.
The traditions of pursuit of athletic excellence and beer that they instilled in the club when it started continue to this day.


Hall of Fame

Marlborough Running Club Hall of Fame was introduced in 2013 to recognise members who have made outstanding contributions to the club. Its members are:

Simon Boast
Ted Townsend
Alan Joslin
Phil Griffiths
Kirsty Newland
Jane Watkins
Karina Hourd