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Local Running Clubs

We would much prefer it if you ran with us, of course. However, if we are a little too far away for you to join us on a regular basis how about trying one of the following local clubs:
  • Pewsey Running Club are one of the hardest working clubs around, putting on a wide variety of popular races each year all with a friendly atmosphere.
  • Devizes Running Club are a new local club with an easy to spot bright red racing vest.

Other Running Related Sites

  • The Marlborough & District Junior Athletics Club.
  • The Runner's World site, run by the people who publish the popular running magazine of the same name. You need to be a magazine subscriber to gain access to the whole site. However, you can still access huge chunks of it, including race listings, forums and competitions, by registering online for free membership.
  • The Runfurther race series is an annual championship based round 12 off-road Ultra running races in the UK.  Our Marlborough Downs Challenge 33 mile race is one of the 2016 Runfurther Ultra Championship events.
  • Grassroots events - The website for all the events run by Stephen & Julie Golding of Pewsey Vale Running Club.

Commercial Sites

Other General sites

  • Custom sunrise/sunset calendar - If you know the latitude & longitude (!), Alan suggests the second option on this page (called "Enter Your Own Location") can help you plan those winter evening training runs.
    Hint: Marlborough's longitude & latitude is 1.739 W, 51.419 N.
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2017 Avebury8 Nine
2017 Avebury8 Nine

Check the Avebury8 page for results of the 2017 Avebury8 Nine