Membership Subscriptions

Membership subscriptions are as follows:



New members* £15 includes one item of Club kit (MRC t-shirt or vest)
Returning 'lapsed' members** £10  
Annual renewal for existing members*** £5  

* Subscriptions are payable on joining and subsequently on 1st April each year. New members joining after 1st October - i.e. more than halfway through the Club year - will not need to pay until the following April.

** The Club constitution states that, "Any member who has not paid his/her current subscription by 30th April is deemed to have resigned." 'Lapsed' members will be charged a £5 admin fee to rejoin if they wish to do so.

*** Renewal subs can be paid by cash, cheque or electronically via BACS, but why not save the hassle and set up a standing order to renew automatically and never worry about missing the deadline again?!

How are subscriptions kept so low?

The club organises a number of races each year.  The bulk of the club's income is generated by these races.  We hope that every member will give up some of their time each year to help marshal or organise at least one, preferably two or more, of these races. 

UKA Affiliation

The club is affiliated to UK Athletics, England Athletics and the Association of Running Clubs.

Individual membership of the England Athletics membership scheme, which entitles members to reduced entry fees in races under UK Athletics Rules, costs a nominal sum extra. Currently this sum is waived for members who have given up time to help marshal or organise a club race in the preceding year.

Other information

Training sessions are free. Members also enjoy free use of the changing and showering facilities at Marlborough Leisure Centre on training evenings.

Whilst we welcome visitors & guests to our training sessions, individuals do now need to become a member first before joining us on our pod runs.  This is due to our Covid-19 restrictions; once lifted we will again be able to give open training sessions as before.

For more information about joining Marlborough Running Club, please contact the Membership Secretary, Russell Walker, at

Click here to download the Marlborough Running Club membership application form.

2020 Avebury8 Nine
2021 Avebury8 Nine

The Avebury8 Nine will take place on Sunday 21 November.

The race is now FULL.