The Avebury8 Nine may happen in 2021!

We have pencilled in Sunday 21 November as a possible date for the race.  At the time of writing (April) we don't know whether we will be able to go ahead with a "real" race of whether we will attempt to organise a virtual event.

Watch this space, and the A8 Facebook page, for updates.

Below is a reminder of how we intended the Virtual Avebury8 Nine to take place in 2020.
We may use the same set up in 2021.

As you know, MRC has taken the decision to cancel this year’s Avebury8 Nine because of the Covid-19 situation.  However, all is not lost.  We are offering you the chance to run the Avebury8 route and to have your time recorded on a virtual leader board.

How it will work
Dates: to be confirmed...when Covid allows.
Entry fee: £0 - no need to register, just run the route and record your time below. So, it's a freebie, but we will be really grateful if you will consider making a donation to the Wiltshire Air Ambulance - see below.
Prizes: none! No presentations this year and sorry, no mugs this year either ☹
The route
You will find a downloadable map here.  If you want to download the route you'll need to have a free account.  Please follow the route on the map carefully; DO NOT enter the Windmill Hill enclosure (this is National Trust land).

NOTE: we will not be marking the course – this is a self-navigating Avebury8!
The start and finish is in Bray Street. Please look out for the MRC logo pinned to a footpath sign near the village end of Bray Street – that’s the exact point!
Marshals: none – no-one to say “Looking good!”
Water station: sorry, no. You’ll have to carry whatever you need.
Please respect other people on the tracks and footpaths. This is public land and we do not have any preferential rights.

Car Parking

The only parking in Avebury is at the National Trust car park which opens at 10:00 am. You will have to pay if you are not an NT member. Please do NOT park on Bray Street or on any of the Avebury village roads.
Your result
Please use this link to record your result
The Leader Board is here.  
Please read the latest Covid-19 guidance here and be sure to stick to the rules:  If these rules change between now and 30 November it may mean that the event cannot go ahead or may have to be cancelled part way through.

You MUST comply with social distancing rules in force at the time you run.
  • At the time of writing you are restricted to groups of no more than 6 people.
  • Please keep a distance of 2 metres between you and other runners.
  • If more than 6 people arrive to start at the same time you must set off in groups of no more than 6, with a gap of at least 2 minutes between groups.
Please do not take part if you are isolating or if you have had C-19 symptoms. Please do not share vehicles with anyone outside your household or support bubble when travelling to and from the run.

Wiltshire Air Ambulance
The Avebury race has raised a substantial amount of money for the Wiltshire Air Ambulance over the years.  This year we will be really grateful if you will consider making a donation to this wonderful organisation which is so important to all of us.  You can make a donation here 

 Have a great time on the Avebury8 course. 
 Marlborough Running Club is providing support to you so that you can run your own version of the Avebury8. It is an informal event with no race permit and no insurance.  You take part at your own risk and MRC will not accept any liability for loss or injury to anyone who chooses to take part.


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