- Sunday 27 November 2016 


Avebury8 is an 8-mile (well, to be honest, now around 9-mile) trail race which takes place in the Wiltshire countryside, starting and finishing at Avebury, a World Heritage Site famed for its stone circle. The route follows byways and bridleways and can be wet, muddy, rutted and difficult under foot.

We are pleased to announce that the race is now full for 2016.  If you have missed out this year, please look out next August when we are likely to open for 2017 entries. 

There are a couple of changes this year.  Race HQ will be at the Avebury Sports & Social Club, just beside the stone circle on the Beckhampton Road.  The start will be in Bray Street as usual, but the end of the race will take runners over the Neolithic 'causewayed enclosure' of Windmill Hill, then back to the village High Street to finish next to the club house. This will add something over half a mile to the previous distance.

(In the event of flooding of the fields coming off Windmill Hill we may have to make some last minute route changes, but the finish will still be at the Sports & Social Club.)

Commemerative mugs, by White Horse Pottery, for all finishers.  Winners' prizes.


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