Saturday Run FAQ


TrainingEverything you need to know about SATURDAY RUNS at Marlborough Running Club

Who Are Saturday Runs For?

Everyone! This is NOT an exclusive club – there are plenty of people who are “regulars” but we genuinely want new faces to join in.

Saturday Runs offer a variety of distances. In general you need to be happy to set out on a run of about 8 miles, but certainly not at a fast pace, as there are always “re-grouping” stops along the way.

When Do They Happen?

That sounds a bit obvious but just so that you know: Saturday mornings, arrive at the host’s house at 9.00 for a 9.30 start. You are usually back by 11.30 – 12.00, depending of course on distance.

Where Do They Happen?

Most Saturday runs are from an MRC member’s house – in other words, starting at places scattered across Wiltshire (with the occasional foray into Berkshire).  Occasionally we will arrange a run from a different venue such as the Honey Street Cafe or Coate Water in Swindon.

Check the website and make sure you are on the Saturday Run email list. The venue is usually announced before we run on Wednesday evenings. If still in doubt, ask someone!.

How Far Do We Run?

There’s usually a choice of distances, including a shorter option for those who don’t fancy a long trek or who are injured / recovering / just wimps (!)

How Fast Is The Pace?

It’s your pace. There’s occasionally a "fast group" who may be feeling macho and want to do a long distance non-stop. Don’t be intimidated by this: there are always runners who want a slower run, with regrouping stops.

You won't get left behind; everyone knows that we have to keep together and watch for runners who are a little slower or who do not know the route.

Can Anyone Host A Run?

Yes, and it’s great when we have new venues to run from. We live and run in some amazing countryside, and new routes are always very welcome.

So What Does A Host Have To Do?

The host’s job is important and in several parts. But don’t be put off – there are plenty of people in the club who will help you. You need to do this:


  • Book the run on the MRC website:
    Go to the Saturday booking page. (You'll need to log in using the user name and password. Ask one of the committee if you don't know them.) Make sure you are on the email list and send a note to all explaining a little about the run you are planning, and describe how to get to your house. You might also want to include a note about where people should park so that you don't incur the displeasure of your neighbours. Ask people to let you know if they are planning to be there – you’ll need the numbers for catering (see below).
  • Plan the route: it’s great to run in new areas, and routes from your home will be very welcome. We aim to use footpaths / bridleways wherever possible, avoiding all but minor roads. You will probably have noticed that MRC members like to get off tarmac whenever they can. Try to have at least two route options, one aimed at those who want a shorter run. Ask for help when you first plan a run from your house.
  • Provide maps of the route: again, ask for help if you need it. Runners do like maps, and maps are essential if we are running from your house for the first time. Several MRC members have good map measuring software.
  • Put out water: particularly on hot days, water stops are essential. If in doubt, put out more water than you think will be needed. Probably water every 5 miles or so is sufficient. Please collect bottles, bags etc afterwards – we don’t want a reputation for littering the countryside we run through!
  • When the runners arrive, provide cups of tea.
  • During the run, make sure that everyone knows the route, and that no-one is left behind. Share this task with another runner if this helps, but particularly watch out for new or slower runners and make sure they get round safely.
  • When the runners return, provide a “breakfast”. Some people push the boat out here and prepare cooked food: bacon, eggs, sausages…you name it, we eat it. But – it is not necessary to produce a vast cooked meal!
  • Runners do need to replenish energy after a hard morning’s work, and toast, croissants, crumpets, etc are certainly welcome and adequate. Tea, coffee and juice are usually provided.
  • Remember that if you have been running, you too need to eat! You are not a waiter and your home is not a restaurant: you are just doing the other runners a favour, so do the best that you can, don’t worry about gourmet meals and don't go hungry!
  • Showers: some runners like to shower after the run and if you have shower facilities available expect them to be popular.


What Now?

Why not give it a try. Find out where the next Saturday Run is and join us. Discover the fun of running through the countryside, up and down hills, by rivers and canals, often through some juicy mud, and come back tired but exhilarated.

Talk to other MRC members and get along to a Saturday Run soon.

You’ll love it!

2020 Avebury8 Nine
2021 Avebury8 Nine

The Avebury8 Nine will take place on Sunday 21 November.

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