Club Championship and Member of the Month

Marlborough Running Club Championship 2020
The 2019 Club Championship was very successful, with more MRC members than ever taking part in “Nominated Races”.  We will do it all again in 2020, with races selected each month and regular Club 10ks to test us all.
The points scoring system will be the same as in 2019:
You can choose to enter as many of the monthly nominated races as you like, and you will be awarded points based on your position in the race compared with other MRC runners taking part in that race:
1st MRC runner home                   10 points
2nd                                                      9
3rd                                                      8
Etc. The minimum award for completing a race is 5 points. Female and male results count separately.
Your best 6 results in the year will count.
We will circulate a list of the Nominated Races and keep it updated through the year.
In addition you will be able to score points by taking part in the regular MRC 10ks on Wednesday nights. Points will be awarded as above. In this case your results from half the 10ks we hold will count - so, if we arrange 8 MRC 10ks in a year, your best 4 positions will count.
Your total points from the Nominated Races and MRC 10ks will give your score for the year, and the top scorers will be the overall winners.
Age grading: as well as the overall winners, we hope to have people's ages and will award prizes for the best scores in M and F 40, 50, 60 and 70 (only one prize per person of course.) 
Please remember – you have to tell us your result.  We will not search through race listings to find you!  Send your results (time, position in the race) to

MRC Race Championship:  2020 Nominated Races:









12 Jan
26 Jan
9 Feb
23 Feb
15 March
29 March
5 April
19 April
2 May
20 May
10 June
21 June
24 June
Date tbc
31 July

Sept 20
Sept 26
Oct 4
Nov 1
Nov 14
Dec 6
Dec 15
Rough & Tumble
Slaughterford 9
Calne Smartt Smasher 10k
The Terminator
Fleet Half Marathon
Calne Clock Change 10k
Devizes Half Marathon
Highworth 5
Hurstbourne 5
Ramsbury 5
Cirencester Park 10k
Hungerford Harey 8
Chippenham Longest Day 10k
Savernake 10k
Westonbirt Summer 10k
No races planned at the moment
Swindon Half Marathon
The Ridgeway Run
Cricklade 10k
Over The Hills
Roundway Revenge
Bromham 10k
Westonbirt Christmas 10k


Marlborough Running Club: 2019 Champions

Female Club Champion - Jess White

Male Club Champion - Paul Coles

Congratulations to Jess and Paul, and to the age group winners!


                                                                 Member of the Month

                              The Member of the Month Awards will continue in 2020 as before.
2020 Avebury8 Nine
2020 Avebury8 Nine

The provisional date for the 2020 Avebury8 Nine is Sunday 22 November.