Club Championship

The Club Championship is about participation and fun, and who knows - we may see more of of our club vests at races. 

You need to run 6 races from 4 different categories. The Categories are:  Parkrun (5km), 5 Mile, MRC 10k, 10 mile, half marathon, marathon and other (these are usually trail races). Each category has a list of Selected Races (see the attached rules and race list) and if you want  two races to count from a category then one must be from this list.  Regular updates and any changes to races are emailed out.
Results will be age and gender adjusted using the World Association of Veteran Athletics (WAVA) age-grading standards (click here to use the WAVA Age Grading Calculator), and to ensure fairness across the different types of race we will also use the winner's time as the base to take account of race type, conditions, terrain etc. 

Any queries please contact this year's organiser of the Championship, Jane Watkins.


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2017 Avebury8 Nine

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