Club Championship and Member of the Month

After a successful 2018, the Club Championship will run again in 2019. Below you’ll find details of how it will work. 

MRC Race Championship

The committee will nominate one race (or maybe more) per month. We encourage as many members as possible to enter these races; we will, initially at least, keep these races relatively local, and aim for distances up to half-marathon.
You can choose to enter as many of the monthly nominated races as you like, and you will be awarded points based on your position in the race compared with other MRC runners taking part.
1st MRC runner home         10 points
2nd                                       9
3rd                                        8
Etc. The minimum award for completing a race is 5 points.
Your best 6 results in the year will count. Only MRC nominated races will count in this bit. There is a list of the nominated races below - we will amend it if necessary during the year (if a race is cancelled, sells out early etc).

In addition you will be able to score points by taking part in the MRC10k. Points will be awarded as above. In this case your results from half the races we hold will count - so, if we arrange 8 MRC 10ks in a year, your best 4 positions will count.
Your total points from the Nominated Races and MRC 10ks will give your score for the year, and the top scorers will be the overall winners.
Age grading: as well as the overall winners, we'll also have people's ages and will award prizes for the best scores in M and F 40, 50 and 60 (only one prize per person of course.)
MRC Race Championship:  2019 Nominated Races:



Rough & Tumble
Slaughterford 9
Marlborough Parkrun
Calne SMaRTT Smasher 10k
Calne Clock Change Challenge: 10k
Fleet Half Marathon
Devizes Half Marathon
Chedworth Roman Trail (10 mile)
Ramsbury 5
Hurstbourne 5
Chippenham 10k
Cirencester Park Summer Sizzler (10k)
Hungerford Harey 8
Savernake 10k
Bath Two Tunnels 10k

Swindon Half Marathon
Ridgeway Run
Cricklade Half Marathon and 10k
 Over the Hills, Bradford on Avon
Roundway Revenge
Bromham (sells out quickly)
Westonbirt 10k

Member of the Month

We introduced the idea of member of the Month in 2018 and it seemed to be well received; so, we will do it again in 2019, with only a slight change.
The thinking behind this is that we want to recognise members who turn up, take part and help:
Turn Up: it’s great to see members at our regular Monday and Wednesday sessions, as well as on Saturdays for those who can make it.  So there are points to be earned by being a regular MRC runner.
Take Part: more MRC people entered races last year than for many years, and we are delighted to see so many competing, especially if you wear MRC gear!  All you have to do is let us know you have raced – wherever it was – and send us the time and your position in the race.  To get MotM points, just email your race details to: You will also feature on the results page of the Club website.
Help: as you know, we organise three major events each year: the Marlborough Downs Challenge, the Ridgeway Relay, and the Avebury8 Nine.  Each of these events needs lots of work both in the organising and on the day. PLEASE HELP! We need you, as without you we can’t make these events happen, we won’t raise money for the Club, and our unbelievably low membership fees will have to increase dramatically!
Each month we will tot up the points we have all earned (except committee members, we can’t be part of MotM) and there will be a presentation on a Wednesday evening to that month’s winner, who gets an Amazon voucher as a small “thank you”!
Also under the Help heading: parkrun.  We think parkrun is A Good Thing and we are keen to support it.  Many MRC members run at parkrun, and you can gain points as long as you let us know (as above).  We will also give MotM points to anyone who marshals or helps at parkrun, anywhere.  Again, all you have to do is tell us!
Points - here’s how you get them:
Races entered (all races - proof may be required!) – 2 pts per race
  • Wednesday attendance – 2 pts
  • Being photographed at a race in MRC kit! – 1 bonus point
  • Hosting a Saturday run (must be publicised to all) – 5 pts
  • Attending a Saturday run (as a runner, not just for breakfast!) – 2 pts
  • Marshalling at an MRC race (May, June & November) as well as timing or helping at Monday or Wednesday runs, e.g. 10k, Zero Run, Handicaps, track sessions; marshalling at parkruns: 5 pts
  • Running as part of an MRC team in the Ridgeway or Wessex relays – 5 pts
Helping when we arrange special events such as a New Runners programmes, social events, the Summer Sports Day, club trips etc – 5 pts.
Proposing a new event / training session / trip which is used and which works – 10 pts

We will try to keep a tally of all this and announce the winner each month. (NB – this award is not open to committee members.)  To spread the excitement around we have decided that no-one can win this award more than once in a year.

2019 Avebury8 Nine
2019 Avebury8 Nine

The provisional date for the 2020 Avebury8 Nine is Sunday 22 November.