The Wednesday Training Run

Forthcoming Wednesday Runs

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26-06-2019 Railway Path, Pig Farm and Mildenhall 7.7 miles Leisure Centre, Marlborough High Street, Poulton Hill, Railway Path to Ogbourne Maizey. Turn right to Pig Farm. Along Greenway Road to Mildenhall, then back Mildenhall churchyard to pick up the riverside track to Marlborough. Map Edit
03-07-2019 Polissoir 9.2 miles Out of the back of the Leisure Centre, then along the path that goes along the back of Barton Park. Turn right, and follow the path to the farm road. Left, then right at the t-junction and follow the road to the car park. Follow the byway to the Reservoir. Turn left, then through the next gate on the right. Head towards Totterdown Wood, bearing left before reaching it. Keep going in the same direction, starting with the wood to your right, then following the faint track. At the bottom of the hill, continue up the hill. The Polissoir is on your left. Continue up to the Ridgeway, Turn left, then half left over the next stile. Continue keeping the gallops to your left. Cross the gallops, and turn right along the top of the valley. Bear left along the obvious track. Staying in roughly the same direction, cross the valley bottom, and up the other side. At the top of the hill, pass through two gates, then turn right along the byway and follow it to the car park. Return the the Leisure Centre along the route taken at the start. Map Edit
10-07-2019 Treacle Bolly Loops Run loops of 0.85 miles, with ever-decreasing time limits. Should you get timed-out, there is a shorter loop of 0.42 miles.   Edit
17-07-2019 Off-road 10k   Edit
24-07-2019 Street orienteering   Edit
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